3, 500 plus ‘friends’ later…

It’s created many great networking opps and, more importantly, the business opportunities offered to me reward my investment in time and effort there…

It’s been worthwhile.

Yet, I had to post this to stem the flood of ‘friend’ requests:

‘To the many people who send a friend request who have no mutual friends of mine here, have nothing at all in common with me, make no attempt to view or ‘like’ anything of mine and yet send multiple requests to like THEIR pages….

I think facebook should add a ‘I dont give a f**k about you I just want to use you to like MY crap.’ button. Some honesty.

Learn some manners please and you might get somewhere with people.

Social networking can reap huge rewards if you use it intelligently or it be a magnificent waste of time.

Unless of course you are a sociologist, psychiatrist or suffering from writer’s block.

Stop sending me those ‘like’ requests unless you are prepared to be human… ‘

Maybe it will work, probably not.116529-SHALLOWS

And a big thank you to Matt who sent me the video!