Well, not a quote exactly. It’s from Being Digital by Negroponte. The book that started it all for me, pretty much. Published before Windows 95 even, how much did this man see?…

Former MIT President Jerome Wiesner tells a story about Zworykin’s visiting him one Saturday at the White House when Wiesner was JFK’s science adviser (and close friend). He asked Zworykin if he had ever met the president.

As Zworykin had not, Wiesner took him across the hall to meet JFK. Wiesner introduced his visitor to the president as “The man who
got you elected.”

Startled, JFK asked, “How is that?” Wiesner explained, “This is the man
who invented television.” JFK replied how that was a terrific and important thing to have done.

Zworykin wryly commented, “Have you seen television recently?”