I have been approached several times by dating sites – both here in Australia and overseas – to write a featured column on photography and video and how to use both to achieve better results on their sites.

I consider the proposals but stand by what I said in a previous post – I think these sites can turn people into rubbish humans! People change online and online changes how they behave in real life. And not for the better usually.

The technology is wonderful and the opportunity to connect with like-minded new friends and lovers is unprecedented… so why do people make so little effort?

I know the reverse side – I make an effort with my images and what I write. I have extremely popular tumblrs (and now this blog) with tens of thousands of followers so my own online life is rich unlike most people on these dating sites…. AND I make a sincere effort to be the same person both online and in real.

This blog explores both the world of imagery and the sociological. I’m working hard on it but I must make time for my own personal sexual journey (and my business interests) so its taking time…

Thanks for your patience.

And for those who keep asking… Sensual Escape is coming!  It will be my own dating site, for people on an authentic sexual journey and who love great erotic imagery.

Details will follow… this blog and my tumblrs are all part of its development.

And its another reason I don’t seriously consider contributing to other dating sites… why be the bridesmaid when you can be the bride ;-) I prefer to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Amanda x