“The “gaze” is a term that describes how viewers engage with visual media. Originating in film theory and criticism in the 1970s, the gaze refers to how we look at visual representations. These include advertisements, television programs and cinema.

When film critics talk about the gaze, they are often referring to the “male gaze”. But what does that really mean? And is there a female equivalent?”


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This article provides a great explanation of how all forms of visual media have traditionally reflected the general objectification of women that exists in society. It’s the reason my tumblr (http://tantriclens.tumblr.com) features primarily images of women; not only is it difficult to find great photos of nude men, but the ones that do exist tend to have a “male homosexual gaze” !

Porn isn’t mentioned specifically, but it is clearly the most crude manifestation of this phenomenon, the producers generally having been male and catering to a perceived male audience.

It’s useful to understand this history in creating your own erotic art, especially since you’ve most likely unconsciously absorbed the tropes and limited mindset of the porn genre. Amateurs replicating what they’ve seen in porn is interesting only for the fact that they want to express themselves sexually on film, and that they are embracing the new technology that allows them to join in.

Amateurs, on the other hand, who think deeply about how they represent themselves to create truly erotic scenes that appeal visually to both males and females are bordering on being revolutionary.

Amanda xx