Sex dolls used to be inflatable and made of vinyl or latex and had only a passing resemblance to reality. Most of the more sophisticated dolls we see now are created by artist Matt McMullen, who about a decade ago was experimenting with materials for sculpture. He started working on a lifelike silicone female mannequin and documented the progress on his website He then became inundated with requests if they could be used as sex dolls.

The demand was so strong that he decided to make the dolls anatomically correct and the extremely life-like RealDoll was “born”.

“They don’t seem to just function as sex toys; some people incorporate their dolls into their lives. They take them seriously, they love them and they have both a huge emotional investment and attachment to them.”


The ‘Brooklyn’ doll

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The silence would bother me. But then again, is that what they are paying for?

Amanda ;-)