From an excellent post by a Ryan O’Connell, a gay male…

“In my opinion, straight people aren’t built to handle Tinder. Gay guys have been “swiping left or right’ since we came out of the womb. We understand the art of rejecting and rejection. Straights, on the other hand, aren’t used to behaving so cutthroat island. Since my girlfriends have joined Tinder, they’ve turned into psychotic dating zombies. My best friend, Kate, goes on a date with a new person almost every night and she’s always texting with at least ten guys. Recently Kate left our friend’s birthday party early so she could ride on some guy from Tinder’s motorcycle. She came back two hours later feeling satisfied, like she had just scratched an itch.

“Babe,” I screamed at her. “You can’t just ride on some stranger’s motorcycle! You’re going to end up inspiring an episode of Law & Order: SVU!”

“He’s not a stranger,” she explained. “We have six mutual friends on Facebook!”

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