ars amanda‘Ars Amanda’, English translation… ‘Amanda’s Art

What can I say? A selection of tracks to compliment me and my work.

I created a Facebook profile half-heartedly because I really don’t buy into how Facebook operates… preferring to communicate and network thru my own sites and my blogs and tumblrs.

Yet, within a few weeks I was hearing from people from all over the world who were attracted to my blog, my ideas and my imagery. And my ideas for music and how to market music in a new world.

Nico (Litziu) from Italy used one of my pics on a previous cloudcast and complimented me with this selection of sensual chillout tracks. All the tracks were selected and mixed by cOcOOn.

mYTunes and XBC (Xtra Beat Circle) on Mixcloud


mYTunes and XBC (Xtra Beat Circle) on Mixcloud

Ars Amanda on Mixcloud

So it IS possible to make real friends and collaborate on Facebook…

Thank you, Nico!