From the article:

“……While parents may fear kids’ easy access to porn, an article in the December issue of the American Academy of Pediatrics Journal says social media has a much bigger influence on adolescent attitudes about sex and body image …..

Teens care more about what their friends are doing than what any celebrity or porn star does.

There are several reasons for this, Rich said. For one, social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, have allowed people to edit how they’re perceived by others. Teens can portray a much more aspirational lifestyle than they actually live, which may mean posting pictures with beer cans to look “cool” or insinuating sexual activity…..

Rich explained that social media has made both physical and emotional relationships more superficial. Rather than fostering a sense of romance and commitment, social media has turned sex into “something fun to do” for teens, said Rich, since it has extra social value on these platforms.”