An important question to consider if you decide to film yourself and your partner(s) having sex is : what happens to the footage you create?

Even if you enjoy sharing personal details with the world on sites like Facebook, it’s unlikely you’d want explicit images and videos of you circulating out of your control.

Of course, if you are filming yourselves because you want to publish the videos on the web and /or you want to become a porn star, this post isn’t for you. Just make sure you don’t harbour any future plans to become a school teacher or work with children!

One way to avoid regretting your exciting time fucking on film is to erase the footage once you’ve watched it together.

Another way, which allows you both to keep a copy and share the videos safely with other people, is to actually film anonymously, ie without faces being seen. This is not as difficult as it seems nor does it have to be a compromise. Many people who view your film will love the mystery and the fact that they can project their own fantasies onto the hot imagery before them.

All it takes is a little pre-visualisation of what will appear in the frame. Think about camera angles and positions that won’t show faces, use hair and shadows to hide identifying features.

Of course, as you change positions, have a break etc , there may be moments where your faces are accidentally captured.  This is what editing software is for – simply go though and cut out those sections you don’t want to be seen.

You are, after all, the director of your own production.