About me

Untitled-3I’m a female professional photographer/cinematographer based in Sydney, Australia.

An arts/law graduate, former nude model and partner in a film studio, I like to watch and be watched. And think about why.

It’s so powerful to capture our bodies alone and enjoying pleasure.

But sex doesn’t exist in a […]

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Certainly a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

It’s interesting when pornstars sometimes make better home movies than their professional work. Maybe it’s because they are free from genre/market expectations.

Don’t forget to stop watching and make your own!

Amanda xx


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An important question to consider if you decide to film yourself and your partner(s) having sex is : what happens to the footage you create?

Even if you enjoy sharing personal details with the world on sites like Facebook, it’s unlikely you’d want explicit images and videos of you circulating out of your control.

Of course, if […]