To my loyal followers:

You have heard the news – Tumblr’s nudity crackdown and new rules – see previous post. Ages ago I created a ‘tantriclens-lite’ version of my tumblr and this image was flagged as obscene. Um, why?

This is madness – and judging by the unbelievable number of messages and emails to me already asking where I’m going, I say this….

I am immediately restarting my blog (on my own server, under MY control) for those who are sex-positive and appreciate quality erotica and good photography. 

I’ve already been approached by several interesting sites that would like my presence and following. I’m checking them out and I’ll see if they are worth your attention also.

Send me a message if you want the url to my blog or email me at tantriclens@gmail.com

Ill post more info shortly.

Please share… and I’ll meet you on the other side.

Thank you!