1048DS-2As you are aware,  I advised Im changing the WordPress theme on my blog here. Its taking longer than I thought.

Meanwhile someone advised me that a draft of a post – the one on Sex Magic actually – found its way out of trash on Wordpess and became the published version!

It read as rubbish since it was a draft – a doodle basically – and had some references to another article with the links missing.

So if you read that and it made no sense, thats why.

Its why im changing this theme. WordPress is great, I love it – but some themes are really buggy… they can reformat your content and like this event publish without you knowing. And other horrors I wont bore you with, like disappearing posts and images for no reason.

So Ill be back shortly once Ive found a theme- and tested it on all devices and know that it behaves and is solid.

And if you ever see anything odd ie no images where you expect them, or posts which are clearly drafts, Id really appreciate the ‘heads-up’… once I post I usually move on and dont keep checking what Ive already published. I assumed, wrongly, it would be there as intended.

Not always true with WordPress, as experienced users would know.