Sent to me by Paul Matsumoto, this poem about his friend Janis Joplin was added to my Haight-Ashbury tumblr:

Outside the Palace of Fine Arts
the brassy bedouin gifted
this uneasy teen
her guitar.
And as
he slipped beneath
the sassy spell of
crazed voodoo spirits,
wicked fingers blazed
electric on its strings,
and wailed alongside the waif’s bluesy
this-is-the-last-song-I-will-ever-sing voice.
A mic in one hand and swigs of
Southern Comfort from her other,
she would dub him “Raoul”,
an unsung
sober no longer
in the drunken
of the spring moment
that would never
leave him.

Paul Matsumoto

Thank you, Paul.

Janis Joplin - Photo by Jim Marshall, supplied by Paul Matsumoto

Janis Joplin – Photo by Jim Marshall