The original has been removed by me.


Yesterday I posted an excerpt from another blog with a clear link to that blog and now the ‘author’ of that post accuses me of plagiarism on twitter.


After she sent me a rather insulting email, totally ignoring the fact that a twelve year old would see I took NO credit, clearly linked to her blog (making sure it opened in a new window) and was , in effect, doing nothing other than promoting her work. Something I am usually thanked for!

She clearly takes herself very seriously – who knows, maybe she has had people actually plagiarize her -but she had better stop publicly making accusations about me that have NO basis in reality.

This had better be the end of it.

I have the evidence there was no plagiarism.

This is a subject that concerns me also. Over time, I have had my photographs and ORIGINAL posts of mine reused by others and without credit.

If I find posts, websites, anything that I think more people should see and LINK to those sites on my blog (or twitter, or Facebook et al) – effectively sending traffic her way – that is NOT plagiarism.

It’s called sharing and curating. Last time I noticed there seems to be a lot of this on the web, maybe you have noticed also!

If a reader is sufficiently interested in what I shared, they end up immediately on another website – away from mine -where the complete article and  authorship of that article is pretty damn clear.

If viewers choose not to go there, then they weren’t interested in the first place!

Who is the winner if they do? The creator of the original material who enjoys more eyeballs. And, if the material is worthwhile, the reader.

To save her embarrassment I will not identify this person.

Unless she keeps up the accusations of course.



Out of curiosity, I checked the stats on that post.

Sure enough over 70 percent of people viewing my post then clicked on HER site. So I guess I did, in fact, send her traffic. It’s called sharing.

Not likely I will be thanked.

But here is the amusing bit. Most of the views came from her twitter where she accused me of concealing the true author of the original material!

Then they went straight from my post to her site, from the link I put there. Some concealment! Mnnnn…

Have to say, that’s funny. I wonder how many of those people see her point?

Actually, I do know based on messages I have received. From new followers even.

No one gets her point.

Lets all play nice out there and have a good day!


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