Ok, this isn’t for everyone, though it should be if you want to create better imagery.

Stills or motion, it doesn’t matter.  If there is no light – or poor light – you wont be taking anything. It just doesn’t happen.

How well do you understand light? What it is… the instruments we use to create it and shape it?

And the technology is ALL changing, mainly for the better too.

As a photographer and then cinematographer, I began in the world of incandescence (the sun, available light) and professional tungsten lights to create and shape the lighting on a set.

Now, I mainly use LED sources wherever possible and use tungsten and HMI only when real grunt is required. Which is rare these days, depends on the project.

If you want to create better imagery, understand what light is and how you can creatively create it and shape it to get the best results.

This video may well help you. Long, sure, but what’s a few hours out of your life?


It's not just about the gear. Taken by me in my studio.

It’s not just about the gear. Taken by me in my studio.