Why do I prefer to film erotica at night?

To begin with total darkness and selectively light the form.

Why are so many erotic pics so overlit? It destroys the mood as it does the moment.


Why I like low key lighting…

Low key lighting is a style of cinematography and photography where you create  images featuring mainly dark tones to create a dramatic, contrasty looking image.

inflatable-space-elevator-thoth-lgPersonally I find myself working a lot in this style.

High key lighting – the reverse – means  to over (or more flatly) light […]

Famous photographers photographing themselves…

Autorretratos de Fotógrafos Famosos

The term ” selfie ” has become part of our lexicon and self-portraits have never been so popular as of late. But teachers photographers did it first and did it better.

I show you a selection of self-portraits by famous photographers like Richard Avedon , Diane Arbus, Stanley Kubrick , Robert Mapplethorpe , […]

How color blind are you?

Experiment shows us what beauty looks like around the world

Interesting… it only shows what one person in a given territory sees as desirable, of course. But still….

I wonder what Japanese would have made of the painting by Vermeer in the 17th century.

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Victoria Era Post-Mortem Photographs Are Unsettling. How Was This a Thing?

The Victorian Era was a pretty morbid time in human history. One of the most unsettling traditions of the era was the practice of post-mortem photography (that is, photographing the dead). By today’s standards, this is would be pretty taboo, but at the time it was seen as quite normal.

Ok, I’m always fascinated by the history […]


From the article:

What’s the point of pumping school curricula choc-full of lessons about positive body image and the importance of diversity, if it’s undermined by the informal curriculum that comes with school life?

The messy business of actual childhood has been erased, and replaced by an idealised childhood — and an idealised child. The lesson here is that children […]

AbelCine Expo: Innovations in Lighting – Part 1 Beyond the Bulb

Ok, this isn’t for everyone, though it should be if you want to create better imagery.

Stills or motion, it doesn’t matter.  If there is no light – or poor light – you wont be taking anything. It just doesn’t happen.

How well do you understand light? What it is… the instruments we use to create it […]